Dos And Don’ts When Walking Your Dog

Walking the dog is a daily activity for dog owners. It can not only give the owner and the dog the opportunity to go for a walk, exercise more, maintain physical and mental health, but also drive away the boredom of the dog for a day. However, in the process of walking the dog, the owners still need to pay more attention to avoid problems. Learn the following precautions quickly!

Hygienic problems for dogs going out

When walking the dog, we often encounter situations where pets need to go to the toilet. Dogs don’t know that they have to go to a hidden place to go to the toilet like humans, so if you want to avoid dogs defecating everywhere, you need to be prepared. If you find that the dog has a tendency to urinate, you should take the dog to the lawn flower bed at this time, so as not to affect the environment. If the dog poops, the owner should remember to bring the pet toilet, as well as garbage bags and disposable gloves with him when he goes out. Dispose of it in time after the dog poops to keep the environment hygienic.

Safety measures for dog walking

Although many dogs do not bite people easily, many people will naturally fear and avoid them when they see dogs. The best way to give peace of mind to other pedestrians, and to you, is to prepare for safety measures in advance. When walking the dog, be sure to bring a leash to the dog. At the same time, for the comfort and safety of the dog, it is best to wear a comfortable chest and back.

Dog Harness  only 76g and is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, such as Teddy, Corgi, Akita, etc. It can help dogs get rid of the dull restraint of traditional harnesses and feel more light and thin. The 360° one-piece wrap-around chest and back can evenly divide the pressure, relieve the force, and gently wrap the dog’s chest and abdomen. The cationic fabric is moisture-absorbing and breathable, dries quickly and reduces odor. At the same time, it is very tough and wear-resistant and has good elasticity. With the protective scent, the dog can not be troubled by mosquitoes.

Insect-proof, harm-proof and poison-proof

Dogs like to smell the lawn when they are on the lawn, but there are many viruses and insects hidden in the lawn. If these diseases and insect pests infeste the dog, the dog may get sick and bring these bad bacteria back go home. Therefore, it is very important to bathe the dog in time to keep the dog clean and avoid getting sick and infecting family members.

Another thing to pay attention to is the problem of poisoning, because there are a lot of insect viruses in summer, sometimes in order to deworm the lawn plants, we will sprinkle potions on the grass and trees. When the dog owner goes out to walk the dog, he should pay attention to observe whether there are any signs of medicine in the surrounding area, or pay attention to whether there is a special smell of the medicine. Once he finds that the medicine has been sprayed, he should take the dog away to prevent the dog from being poisoned.

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